for PDFs
on iPad
Simple Line Reader with red line and magnifier.
Simple Line Reader is a sleek PDF reader with an integrated magnifying line reader, reading ruler and bookmarks. It's simple to use and stays out of your way when you want it to. Perfect for reading long documents, ebooks, and old scanned publications.
It's easily customized to work for you. Use a thin line or make it more like a reading ruler with a thick line. Adjust the magnification level or don't use any magnification at all. You can even use it vertically so no matter what writing system your document uses, Simple Line Reader is ready.
Be kind to your eyes
Be kind to your eyes
Reduce eye fatigue! Drag the line reader across your document to help your eyes more easily track from line to line.
Make it your own
Magnify, or don't. Change the colors to keep things fresh. Horizontal or vertical. Swap navigation controls around to keep everything easily in reach.
Easily customized
Use a bookmark
Save your spot
Every document has a bookmark. Set it and next time you open that document Simple Line Reader will go directly there.
Turn it off
Even with the reading tools disabled, Simple Line Reader provides a clean, focused, and intuitive reading experience.
Turn it off and just read

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